Broadsmart Joins New Edge Networks' Business Applications Ecosystem

By Nathan Eddy  |  Posted 2010-05-03

New Edge Networks, the managed services business communications unit of EarthLink, announced that Broadsmart, an integrated communications provider, has established a direct connection to the New Edge AX, an ecosystem of business applications.

Broadsmart has implemented a network-to-network interface (NNI) to the New Edge AX platform and is now connected to the New Edge MPLS nationwide network. As a result, Broadsmart can provide its hosted voice over IP (VOIP) customers with class of service (CoS) not afforded by the public Internet. Essentially, the company said Broadsmart VOIP customers will now have end-to-end CoS from the VOIP phone to the IP switches.

New Edge and Broadsmart already have customers in common where they have worked together to deliver integrated telecommunications service. The companies said the announcement provides for a more formalized relationship between the two companies. The New Edge AX agreement enables Broadsmart's hosted VOIP services and New Edge's MPLS network solutions to be cross-marketed to customers and future prospects. "Broadsmart is excited about the direct connection into New Edge," said Todd Correll, Broadsmart's CEO. "With a great many master agents in common and such complementary product sets, both our agents and end users should see tremendous benefits."

Broadsmart is a facilities-based CLEC and network service provider offering broadband telecommunication services to small to medium-size business (SMB) and enterprise-class customers, while New Edge Networks provides managed IP-based networks through a mix of private and public connections to deliver secure, managed network solutions. New Edge allows businesses to choose any blend of available access technologies-from DSL and T-1 lines to fiber-optic connections-for building secure MPLS networks.

"We are pleased to cement our relationship with Broadsmart and move forward in a more aggressive way to market our services to business customers nationwide," stated Cardi Prinzi, president of New Edge Networks. "This is an opportunity for New Edge and Broadsmart to more effectively target multilocation businesses with voice and managed network services, all delivered over a secure, reliable infrastructure."

Curt Allen, president of X4 Communications, a telecommunications solutions specialist and partner of both firms, said this partnership will provide X4 partners with the ability to provide their customers with the highest quality VOIP solutions from Broadsmart across the fully managed blended access solution from New Edge. "X4 has enjoyed great partnerships with both New Edge and Broadsmart for some time, and we are extremely excited about this partnership," he said. "This takes the ability to provide an integrated voice and data solution across the U.S. to a new level, with no limit to size of customer."

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