Ipedo Upgrades Native XML-Based Suite

By Lisa Vaas  |  Posted 2002-11-27
Ipedo Inc. next week will ship Dynamic Information Suite 3.2, an update of a native XML-based suite that features virtual document links, full-text XQuery searches, XML indexing and flexible content organization to simplify access to distributed content.

The upgrade, originally announced in September, provides a platform for integrating, organizing and managing change for mixed content in portals, custom Web applications and Web services.

Virtual Documents is a feature that allows users to define documents consisting of references to any content, in other documents or in other systems, through XML views. The feature allows content to be linked from any point in an XML document. Links can be modified over time as new or updated content comes online, without affecting the actual content or its storage.

Full-text XQuery search enables searches that return only those components of a document that match the query, rather than the entire document. Self-managing XML indexes simplify the creation and management of indexes on content. They are automatically managed and optimized based on use and query patterns on individual XML documents and document collections.

Flexible content organization provides support for user-defined hierarchies within document collections, which streamlines information management by providing a familiar, system-like interface to applications. XML files can be organized into flat collections for simple maintenance of data-centric documents, or in customized folders for content-oriented projects.

Pricing is on a per-CPU basis and starts at $75,000.

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