More Features Under 1 Umbrella

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-09-17

Vignette Corp. is betting that bundling a varied menu of features under one price will satisfy customers seeking tools to build content-rich Web sites. Vignette 6.0, announced last week, includes the Vignette Content Suite, which in turn includes a number of modules that had previously been sold separately.

Before, Vignette sold add-ons to perform such functions as content management, personalization, aggregation, integration and analysis, components that came from acquisitions. A key enhancement is new support for IBMs WebSphere development environment.

The Vignette Content Suite 6.0 is $200,000 for six CPUs and $400,000 for 14. There are still extensions, which are also priced on a per-CPU basis.

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