10 Reasons for Delaying That iPhone 4 Purchase

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-06-23

10 Reasons for Delaying That iPhone 4 Purchase

There are some folks that weren't lucky enough to preorder an iPhone 4 on launch day, so they will be trying to pick one up at an Apple Store on June 24. In any case, the iPhone 4 is one of the most desired devices released so far this year. And the chances of the hype dying down anytime soon seem awfully slim.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone should simply run out and buy an iPhone 4 in next few days. For some folks, waiting could be the best option. After all, there is a chance that the iPhone 4 will ship with some issues that Apple will need to address.

Since Motorola and other top Apple competitors are planning on offering new versions of their smartphones in the coming days and weeks, some consumers might find more to like on other devices. In short, there are some good reasons to wait for the iPhone 4. Here's why:

1. Let the bugs get worked out

When any new product launches, there are some bugs that need to be fixed. And although Apple has a good track record with its devices, the company's iPhone 4 could have some quirks. By waiting at least a few weeks for all the reports of iPhone 4 troubles to be addressed, consumers can save themselves a lot of heartache. Plus, they will know that when they finally get their hands on the new iPhone, they will have a device that should work just as expected. Early adopters that are getting their iPhone 4's on launch day can't say the same.

2. The customer service factor

Right now, both AT&T and Apple are being inundated with calls and requests from customers. That's not only making it difficult for the companies to address all the customer-service needs of their customers, but it's also cutting down on the effectiveness of its relations with those customers. Waiting to buy an iPhone 4 can mitigate some of those problems. As any wireless customer knows, smartphones run into trouble from time to time. Having a fully focused, reliable customer-service team to contact is a necessity. That just won't happen over the next couple weeks. 

3. Standing in line isn't worth it

Yes, consumers can stand in line and try to get their hands on an iPhone 4 at launch, but it's not really ideal. After all, who wants to stand in a line for hours just to buy a smartphone that, according to AT&T, will be available in stores early next week? There might be something to be said for being among the first to get an iPhone 4 on launch day. But there is also something to be said for waiting it out and having the luxury of walking into a store at a later time and walking out with an iPhone 4 in your hand after just a few minutes of waiting. Patience is a virtue when it comes to the iPhone.

4. Wait and see what Motorola has planned

Motorola plans to offer a new smartphone to compete with the iPhone 4. Although the device won't be able to match the iPhone on every front, it could be a more appealing alternative to those customers that want to run Android or simply don't want to be an AT&T customer. The iPhone is the gold standard in the mobile marketplace, but there are other, nice phones that consumers would enjoy about as much. Perhaps waiting to see what Motorola's Droid follow-up will offer is a good idea before choosing one device over the other.

Indulging in the Luxury of Waiting

 5. The desirable white version

The white version of the iPhone 4 could be one of the main reasons why some folks want to get their hands on Apple's smartphone. But since the white version has been delayed, opting for the black model simply because a customer wants to get an iPhone 4 on launch day isn't doing them any favors. The white version of the iPhone 4 is uniquely designed and, to be quite honest, a handsome product. If it's style and flashiness that consumers covet, waiting for the white iPhone 4 is the best option.

6. The Verizon iPhone won't go away

Although some believed Steve Jobs would announce the Verizon iPhone during his keynote address at WWDC, he did no such thing. At that point, some wondered if talk of the Verizon iPhone would finally die down. It hasn't. In fact, the number of rumors have been increasing. Realizing that, iPhone customers might want to wait and see if Apple announces a Verizon iPhone in the coming weeks. There's certainly no guarantee that will happen, and waiting might not be an option to some. However, given how badly some folks want a Verizon iPhone, waiting a little while could be a good idea.

7. It's a protest

Apple and AT&T's handling of the iPhone 4 launch has been abysmal. When pre-orders were started up in mid-June, the AT&T system crashed, making it practically impossible for folks to place their orders. Since then, consumers are still wondering why their iPhones haven't shipped, when the white version of the device will be available, and much more. Perhaps waiting to buy an iPhone will be a show of protest over how poorly AT&T and Apple have handled the iPhone 4 launch. Granted, one person objecting to the snafu might not do much, but it shows that being treated that way by companies just isn't acceptable.

8. What other vendors will come along?

Motorola might have an iPhone 4 alternative ready to go, but there are other vendors that are cropping up in the Android market that could offer some riveting alternatives to Apple's smartphone. After all, Dell plans to break into the Android market in the coming months, and consumers are still anxiously awaiting devices from Garmin. Even HTC, arguably the most important Android vendor, should be delivering new devices in the coming months. If consumers buy an iPhone 4 now, all those devices won't matter much. But waiting will afford consumers the opportunity to make the most informed decision possible when they choose their next smartphone. 

9. Consider the iPad

For many consumers, buying a single mobile Apple device is ideal. In those cases, customers will need to choose between the iPhone and the iPad. Admittedly, the iPhone is a more capable device, since it allows users to place calls. But the iPad can connect to AT&T's 3G network, offers a much larger screen, and is arguably the better entertainment device of the two products. There's something to be said for buying an iPad for Web-browsing and entertainment needs while on-the-go, and keeping a user's current phone for communication. It's at least something to consider for those that don't want both a new iPhone and an iPad.

10. Think twice about a two-year contract

When buying the iPhone 4, AT&T will require customers to sign a new two-year contract in order to take advantage of the iPhone's cheap pricing. To some, that might not matter, since they plan to stick with AT&T. But considering a Verizon iPhone could be coming out soon, and next year's iPhone might be even more capable, sticking with a current phone for a while could be a smart move. It gives consumers a breather to determine if the iPhone 4 is really what they want, plus it doesn't lock them into another two-year contract that could come back to haunt them next year. Two-year contracts are meant to keep customers captive. And they should only be entered into when the consumer is willing to take on that burden. They must remember that.


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