Enterprise Mobility: 7 iPhone Apps for Mother's Day

By Nathan Eddy  |  Posted 2010-05-07

7 iPhone Apps for Mother's Day

by Nathan Eddy

7 iPhone Apps for Mother's Day

Cost: $0.99

Send your mother anything but a typical e-card for Mothers Day with this app version of someecards.com, which offer a slightly more irreverent take on cards for all occasions. Choose your card carefully, but it's far better than the blousy old Mothers Day sentiments of past.

Someecards</b><br /> <b>Cost: $0.99

Mother's Day Surprise
Cost: $0.99

What joy can be found in the Mothers Day section of Apples App Store! This endlessly unnecessary app delivers a colorful chocolate surprise to your Mother, or if you really want to impress her, you could get her gold and diamonds, of the virtual sort anyway (see above).

Mother's Day Surprise </b><br /><b>Cost: $0.99

Intuition: Mom's Personal Assistant
Cost: Free

Billed as the first intuitive personal assistant designed by moms for moms, this app allows users to organize the day, travel and entertainment ideas, to-do lists, location mapping and connections to Facebook and Twitter. It also has the ability to sync with Google Calendar, iCal and iPhone calendar via Google.

Intuition: Mom's Personal Assistant</b><br /> <b>Cost: Free

Mother's Day Recipes
Cost: $1.99

Give the gift of sweetness to beloved Mom this year. Filled with 30 recipes for easy deliciousness on Mothers Day (grilled cheese is not difficult to do well) this app offers up selections like strawberry cinnamon rolls, tuna melts, crispy peach breakfast cups ... you get the idea.

Mother's Day Recipes</b><br /> <b>Cost: $1.99

The Mums' App
Cost: $3.99

Ideal for the mom "who is best at everything", this app offers up a celebration of motherhood with humorous anecdotes, recipes, survival skills and top-10 lists.

The Mums' App</b><br /> <b>Cost: $3.99

Cost: Free

Mothers know best, right? While sometimes the advice we get from them isnt exactly right, they have an uncanny ability to craft impeccably succinct arguments and reprimands, like the classic whip-crack of "Eat your vegetables!" or the slow, cutting warning that "Your father is going hear about this when he gets home".

Momisms</b><br /><b>Cost: Free

Stork Drop
Cost: Free

Perfect for moms-to-be struggling with the decision to come up with the perfect name for her child (We hear Humpert is coming back into style ...), this list compiles list of names in several groupings, including most popular and highest rated lists by country. The app provides more than 7,000 names with origin, meaning, popularity statistic, and popularity trend graphs. Just dont let her call the kid Apple, ok?

Stork Drop</b><br /><b>Cost: Free

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