Android Will Keep Motorola a Top Smartphone Player in 2011: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-12-22

Android Will Keep Motorola a Top Smartphone Player in 2011: 10 Reasons Why

Motorola isn't necessarily one of the first companies that people recall when they start thinking about prominent firms in the tech space. Typically, they point to Microsoft, Apple and Google as the companies as the biggest and most glamorous in the computer industry. But in 2010, Motorola has proved that it deserves more respect in the industry than it's gotten for many years. 

The main reason for that is the company's outstanding smartphones. Dating back to the original Motorola Droid and spanning the Droid 2 and Droid X, among others, Motorola has proved that it truly knows what consumers are looking for in mobile products. It's doing enough now to at least show the market that Apple isn't the only provider of outstanding smartphones.

Read on to find out why the Android-loving Motorola should continue its rise to prominence in 2011. 

1. It has the right carrier on its side 

Motorola has an awfully cozy relationship with Verizon. The company' Droid smartphones are the best devices Motorola offers, and they're all available on Verizon's network. That's important. Verizon is one of the top wireless carriers by subscriber base, and according to Consumer Reports, it offers one of the top experiences to consumers. With that in mind, it's not surprising that Motorola is posing a serious competitive threat to other mobile device makers. 

2. It's using the right OS 

Motorola has a strong tie to Android. The company undoubtedly sees value in the operating system and has bundled it with the popular devices it currently offers. When Motorola first announced support for Android, some wondered if it would pay off. But now that Android has become the top-selling mobile OS, it's clear that it was one of the best decisions the smartphone maker has made in years. 

3. The company understands consumers 

Just look at the Motorola Droid X for all the evidence you need to see that Motorola truly understands what consumers are looking for. It offers the operating system consumers are buying. The device comes with a big, beautiful 4.3-inch display that makes the iPhone's 3.5-inch display look small. It has the ability to share its 3G connection with up to five devices at once, thanks to its mobile hot spot functionality. Plus, it has several multimedia features that make it an ideal choice for enjoying video content. Motorola's understanding of what consumers desire makes it a credible threat in the smartphone market. 

4. Smartphone design is impeccable 

Like the Droid X, several of Motorola's smartphones feature an outstanding design. As mentioned, the Droid X features a large display. And the company's Droid 2 comes with a slide-out keyboard for those who don't like virtual keyboards. The Droid Pro, meanwhile, fully appeals to enterprise customers, many of whom are used to working with a physical keyboard. And let's not forget the many other Motorola products, such as the Bravo and Flipside, both of which are recognized by consumers for their solid designs.

Motorola Hits Smartphone Market with Multiple Models


5. It's looking toward the enterprise 

Speaking of the Droid Pro, Motorola seems committed to serving corporate customers. The company's enterprise-focused Droid Pro boasts QuickOffice for mobile-productivity seekers and access to Verizon's network, which at least by Consumer Reports' estimation delivers a better experience to consumers than much of the competition. In addition, the device will feature data encryption technology in "early 2011" to improve upon its current security features such as remote wipe. It's a good first step. It shows that Motorola is ready and willing to take on the competition in the corporate space. 

6. It has been around for a long time 

It's tough to argue with the statement that Motorola isn't Apple when it comes to smartphones. But the company has been around the mobile market for a long time. As its successful RAZR devices prove, it won kudos for it mobile phone designs long before Apple broke into that space. Does that mean Motorola will eventually overtake Apple in the smartphone market? Probably not, but it does mean that Apple can't be complacent. 

7. It's a top Apple alternative 

Although Apple faces stalwart competition from several companies, including RIM and HTC, Motorola's Droid smartphones are one of the best alternatives to the iPhone. They run on the right network, they offer the right operating system, and they have the best hardware design. Granted, some HTC devices are also running Android, and both HTC and RIM products have Verizon options available. But Motorola is delivering the best experience for consumers right now with its Droid devices. That's probably why the company's handset market share during the third quarter was 18.4 percent, while RIM's market share was 9.3 percent. 

8. It has quantity on its side 

As mentioned, there is very little chance that a single Motorola smartphone will be able to top the iPhone in total sales. But what Motorola lacks in a single, unbridled champion, it makes up for in a slew of devices that solve just about every issue consumers might have. That's important as Motorola looks beyond just Apple to compete in the mobile market. After all, it's squaring off with HTC, Samsung and several other device makers. If it wasn't delivering all those smartphones, the company wouldn't be nearly as worrisome to the competition as it is now. 

9. The tablet consideration 

Motorola will be unveiling details on an Android 3.0-baded tablet at CES in January that it hopes will be able to compete on the same level as Apple's iPad. If Motorola can deliver tablets with similar value as that of its smartphones, the company can go a long way in extending its threat to the competition. The mobility market is more than just smartphones nowadays. As Apple has proved with the iPad, the more quality products that consumers can enjoy in the mobile space, the more likely they will stay loyal to that brand. 

10. It's jumping in on 4G 

Verizon Wireless COO John Stratton said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that "Motorola will be right there" when the carrier offers 4G-capable smartphones in 2011. He didn't provide any more details, but his admission is extremely important. Speculation abounds that Apple's rumored Verizon iPhone will also feature 4G connectivity. If it does, and Motorola's top smartphones offer it as well, the handset maker would achieve one very important goal: It wouldn't give Apple's iPhone the lead in a technology sector that is likely to be very important in 2011. Simply put, with 4G in tow, Motorola can future-proof its Verizon offerings. That is extremely important as the prospects of Verizon getting the iPhone become greater.

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