Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Uncertain: 10 Reasons to Buy iPhone 4 Now

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2011-05-04

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date Uncertain: 10 Reasons to Buy iPhone 4 Now

As summer nears, the talk surrounding the iPhone 5 is picking up. As with previous years, there is rampant speculation that Apple will be launching the latest iteration of its wildly popular smartphone in June or July. In previous years, the company has announced the new iPhone at the Worldwide Developers Conference and then launched it over the summer.

Considering all the rumors surrounding the possible launch of the iPhone 5, many consumers and even some enterprise customers are likely on the fence about whether they should opt for the iPhone 4 now or wait to see if Apple releases the iPhone 5 later this year. It's an understandable concern, and it's something that no one can answer definitively until Apple finally makes its move.

But for those who don't want to wait, there are several good reasons to opt for the iPhone 4 now, rather than hold off for the iPhone 5.

Read on to find out more about why customers looking for a new smartphone should go with an iPhone 4 as soon as possible.

1. The iPhone 5 launch date is unknown

As of this writing, the latest reports on the iPhone 5 say that the device won't launch this summer. Exactly why the smartphone might not be coming out in June or July is unknown at this point, but given those reports, consumers shouldn't wait. If the iPhone 5 is delayed, and folks know they want an iPhone, putting it off for another month or two doesn't make all that much sense.

2. The white iPhone is here

After a long (long) wait, Apple has finally released the white iPhone on both AT&T's and Verizon's networks in the United States. According to reviews, the device performs exceptionally well and offers the same level of usability as the black version. If the white iPhone suits a consumer's eye, it's best to opt for the device now, rather than wait to see if Apple offers up a white iPhone 5. It's better to go with something that looks nice rather than gamble on something that might not hold up.

3. There's no waiting for Verizon

Over the past several years, the decision by some consumers to put off buying an iPhone and go with another device because the iPhone was only running on AT&T's network was understandable. But now that both the black and white versions of the iPhone 4 are running on Verizon's network, worrying about carrier availability is no longer an issue. If a consumer needs a smartphone now, Apple has many (but not all) of their bases covered when it comes to availability.

4. Android and BlackBerry alternatives aren't as great

If one looks around the marketplace right now, they won't necessarily find so many worthwhile alternatives to the iPhone 4. Motorola, HTC and Samsung are offering nice options, and RIM's BlackBerry is great for enterprise users. But when it comes to the combination of design, specifications and software, it's hard to find a better smartphone right now than the iPhone 4. Other devices might have a bigger display or a faster processor, but when all the many factors that go into a buying decision are considered, Apple's smartphone still leads the pack.

iPhone 5 Wont Put iPhone 4 in the Shade


5. The 4G craze hasn't started yet

If one spends enough time following major wireless carriers, they will hear quite a bit about 4G connectivity. The ultra-high-speed connection is quickly becoming an important component in all the carriers' strategies. However, those networks aren't as readily available as they should be. There are some design compromises that go along with putting a 4G chip into a smartphone. Don't get caught up in 4G just yet. Most experts agree that the 4G push won't even matter to most consumers until next year.

6. Don't expect a major iPhone 5 update

As with every other iPhone launch, speculation abounds that Apple will throw everything but the kitchen sink into its iPhone 5. However, the chances of that happening seem rather slim. From a spec perspective, the iPhone 4 is still competing quite well with competitors, which means Apple is raking in the money and is feeling no pressure to offer a revolutionary upgrade. Like the iPad 2, the iPhone 5 will likely come with a better processor. It will also offer some hardware improvements here and there, and the same price tag as the iPhone 4. Other than that, don't expect anything groundbreaking.

7. Don't fear the antenna problem

When the iPhone 4 first launched, there was widespread outcry over the device's antenna problems. When a person held the device in a "death grip," the signal quality would decline. Apple addressed the problem by offering free cases. Admittedly, that's not the best solution. But as Steve Jobs pointed out, the iPhone isn't alone in experiencing the issue. Worst of all, so far, there hasn't been a suitable solution to the problem. Considering that, and the fact that consumers will likely want a case for the iPhone 4 anyway, the antenna issue shouldn't be enough for someone to wait for the iPhone 5.

8. The iPhone 3GS is awfully outdated

There are some people in the marketplace who are currently running an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. Although those devices hold up against less-capable smartphones today, it's clear that they're becoming outdated quite quickly. Those folks who are using previous versions of the iPhone and still want to stick with Apple's smartphones should go with the iPhone 4 now. They'll find a lot to like in the newer model, including FaceTime support, an improved design and much more.

9. There's no better software platform out there

Over the last year, Android has become a much better mobile operating system for both consumers and enterprise customers. In fact, Android 2.2 "Froyo" is arguably the best Android option on the market right now. But it still can't match iOS 4. Apple's platform is more refined and comes with a better browser than what's available to Android users. That might change in the coming years, but for now, if a person is looking to get their hands on a new smartphone, opting for an iPhone 4 might be the best bet if software usability is a determining factor in their buying decision.

10. The sooner you buy, the sooner you can get the next big thing

In order to take advantage of the iPhone 4's $199 and $299 price tag, consumers must enter into a two-year agreement with AT&T or Verizon. That means for the next two years, they will be forced to stick with the iPhone 4. Although that's not necessarily the best scenario, it's worth keeping in mind that the sooner a new smartphone is purchased and the contract is signed, the sooner customers can get their hands on the next big thing two years from now. As mentioned, the iPhone 5 likely won't be a revolutionary upgrade over the iPhone 4. But future devices just might be. Opting for the iPhone 4 now and waiting it out for something major two years from now looks to be a fine plan. 


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