Apple's Consumer Product Plans: 10 Things Steve Jobs Will Reveal

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-08-31

Apple's Consumer Product Plans: 10 Things Steve Jobs Will Reveal

Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking the stage on Sept. 1 to unveil several new products. Based on what the industry has heard so far, Jobs will be discussing music. Exactly what that entails, and how that will impact current products, is unknown. And as expected, Apple isn't willing to talk about it. 

But that doesn't mean that speculation about what Steve Jobs will talk about should stop. In fact, it's arguably the best time to discuss what he will be unveiling at his event on Sept. 1. No doubt iPods will take center stage. But look for several other new products and solutions from Apple that just might appeal to consumers more than their predecessors. 

Here's what Apple likely will announce at this press event. 

1. A new iPod Touch 

There is little debating that Apple will announce a new iPod Touch on Sept. 1. Currently, the iPod Touch is the best music player on the market. But with the iPhone 4 now captivating audiences, Apple will need to update its iPod Touch to make it more appealing. Expect an iPhone 4-like design, a front-facing camera and the possibility of 3G networking in the next iPod Touch. 

2. The iTV 

Although Apple has been ignoring the set-top box market for years, the company must now focus its efforts there. Hardware vendors are preparing to release Google TV-based set-top boxes later this year that will extend what a person can do in the living room. When that happens, the Apple TV will be the also-ran in the market. The onus is now on Apple to respond with the rumored iTV. And it will likely do that at its next event. 

3. iPhone sales 

Just because Apple will be spending most of its time talking about iPods doesn't mean that Steve Jobs won't also discuss the success of the iPhone 4. Recent sales figures have shown that Android OS is now beating iOS in the mobile market. And the chances of that changing as more Android-based devices hit store shelves seem slim. But Jobs doesn't like to hear that. And he will undoubtedly discuss the iPhone 4's strong sales to counter all the attention Android is enjoying. 

4. iTunes 

Whether or not iTunes will get a full-fledged streaming option is unknown. But if anything is certain, it's that Steve Jobs will announce some kind of update to his company's music service. Exactly what that update will be has been discussed by just about everyone in the tech space. But no one has the answer. Chances are the update will be more iterative than groundbreaking.

Jobs to Focus on Buyer Value, Market Successes


5. The iPad iOS update 

Apple announced earlier this year that it plans to bring iOS 4 to the iPad in the fall. Considering the company is holding its event on Sept. 1, it's not a stretch to say that it will also announce the iPad iOS 4 update at that event. After all, it's time for an update, it's something that consumers have been waiting for, and it makes sense in terms of timing.  

6. The iPad's success 

Once Apple starts talking about the new iPad update, expect the company to focus much of its time on how successful its tablet has been. If Apple is good at anything, it's making sure the world knows about its triumphs. Expect an iPad sales report at this event. 

7. A vastly improved iPod Nano 

Apple will also unveil a better iPod Nano. As music lovers know all too well, Apple has done little over the past few years to improve its iPod Nano. In fact, the company has either offered a slightly redesigned body or more capacity. But this year, all that will change. In fact, Apple could introduce an iPod Nano boasting a touch screen and app availability. 

8. Value, value, value 

Apple is facing more competition than ever. And with Google coming on strong, the company could have some trouble enjoying the success it once had. Realizing that, Steve Jobs will likely make the "value" argument during his presentation. He will show why his products offer more functionality than the competition at the same price. And he will undoubtedly drive the point home that consumers who want the best experience will find it from Apple.  

9. Market-share figures 

Apple is certainly self-conscious about the success of Android OS recently. But expect Steve Jobs to have a unique take on those market-share figures. He will point out that on a device-by-device basis, Apple is leading the marketplace. He will also point out that those figures were released prior to the iPhone 4 hitting store shelves. In other words, expect a much different tone from Steve Jobs on OS market share. 

10. The viability of touch technology 

Steve Jobs will spend some time talking about the value his company sees in touch technology. It makes sense. Apple is the world's top touch-screen company. And it's currently providing its technology in far more products than the competition. Steve Jobs will tout that. And he should want to discuss why, going forward, his company has the best position in the touch-screen market.


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