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By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-05-28

Apple's Tim Cook Earning Reputation as a Top-Notch CEO: 10 Reasons Why

Apple CEO Tim Cook is on top of the technology world. His company is the most valuable in the technology industry and, at times, the entire world. According to a recent study, his firm's brand value is above all others.

Perhaps most importantly, Apple's product sales continue to skyrocket as an increasing number of people decide against a Windows PC or Android-based device, instead buying one of his firm's products. Simply put, it's hard to find many flaws with Apple as it stands today.

Despite the obvious success Apple has had, some folks aren't so willing to give Cook the credit. Those people say that Cook inherited an extremely strong Apple from Steve Jobs and over last several quarters, the company's success has been due to decisions its co-founder made. Cook, those critics say, was a bystander to greatness and he's now reaping the fruits of his predecessor's greatness.

But that might not be entirely true. While there's no doubt that Cook is benefiting from Steve Jobs' decisions, he has still made a positive impact on the company since taking over as interim CEO and finally assuming the role last August.

Read on to find out why Tim Cook really is a top-notch CEO.

1. There was no lag between CEOs

In many cases, when a new CEO is brought in to replace a legendary corporate leader, there can be a lag in the transition. Some issues can crop up. A company will drop the ball on fundamental processes or corporate vision that kept it on track for success. It could be something as basic as faltering supply-chain management that results in some down quarters. But that hasn't happened at Apple. When Cook took over, it was as if nothing changed.

2. Look at the financials

It's hard to argue with a CEO when his company has been able to generate billions of dollars in profits each quarter. Some companies just hope to make billions of dollars in revenue. Under Cook's leadership, however, Apple has posted higher multibillion-dollar profits than ever. If that's not the mark of a solid CEO, what is?

3. Morale is still high

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was believed to be more than capable by his employees, which helped morale. He inspired his workers to believe that they were doing something that no other company could and that they had a calling to deliver high-quality products. Although Cook isn't as dynamic and inspiring as Jobs, morale is still high at Apple, according to reports. And that means something.

4. Handling China

When Jobs was running Apple, the company's problems with its manufacturing facilities in China were sitting just under the surface. But rather than focus on them, Jobs spent time improving his company's products. For Cook, however, his tenure as CEO has been one so far marked by improving working conditions for Chinese workers and increasing their pay. It's a testament to Cook's willingness to make Apple perhaps more friendly than it had been in years past.

Employee- and Investor-Friendly


5. The secrecy is intact

Apple was well-known for forcing employees to maintain secrecy. In fact, some reports claimed that Jobs was so obsessed with secrecy that he would track down leaks himself, and if he found the perpetrator, that person was sure to be fired. It's not clear if Cook will go to such extremes when leaks are suspected, but he has been able to keep Apple's secrecy intact.

6. Overall quality has not slipped

When Jobs was running Apple he was also obsessed over the quality of his company's products. If something wasn't up to par, he would either discontinue it or replace it with something better as soon as possible. Although Cook doesn't appear to be as obsessive over quality, it's worth noting that his company's products haven't lost their luster.

7. Employees love him

According to careers site Glassdoor.com, Cook has an employee approval rating of 97 out of a possible 100. If employees don't love their chief executives, they won't be as willing to go that extra mile for him or her. Luckily for Cook, they do love him, and he can ask more of them than many other chief executives with lower approval ratings.

8. It all comes down to corporate maturing

The nice thing about Apple under Cook is that the company is quietly maturing. According to a recent feature from Fortune, Apple now has a somewhat more relaxed corporate culture and doesn't treat employees like their only lives are inside Apple's Cupertino headquarters. It's growth and maturity that Cook brings to Apple, and over time, that will only continue to help the company.

9. Market dominance, anyone?

As noted, Apple has been making boatloads of cash under Cook's leadership. But it has only been able to do that because of its dominance in the smartphone and tablet markets. What's more, Cook has been instrumental in building up his company's Mac business. Market dominance is the hallmark of any top-notch CEO.

10. Handling investors with care

When Jobs was running Apple, he made it clear that he wanted to rack up as much cash as possible. He also enjoyed watching his company's share price soar. But Cook has changed that, and decided to reward investors with a dividend. That's important. Without shareholders supporting a company, there's no way for it to succeed. Cook has turned Apple into an investor-friendly company. Finally.

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