Fast Breaks Newsfront: September 24, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-09-24

Spectrum Shift

In the wake of the terrorist attacks, the wireless industry stands little chance of gaining control of airwaves held by the Department of Defense, experts said. While wireless carriers have pushed to take over some DOD spectrum for next-generation services such as high-speed data, the Pentagon has argued that could pose dangers and will likley win the argument now. Published reports, however, said NextWave Telecom has reached a tentative agreement to sell its disputed licenses to large carriers.

Verio Cuts

Verio is closing down about 25 data centers and laying off 750 of its roughly 3,000 employees between now and years end. Owner NTT Communications reportedly expects Verio to lose $1.3 billion in 2001.

Verizon Gains

Verizon Communications gained momentum last week, when the Federal Communications Commission approved its application to offer long-distance service in Pennsylvania.

InfiniBand Takes Off

3Com and IBM said they will work together on an InfiniBand product that will integrate IBMs chips into networking systems developed by 3Com. More than a dozen companies are working on various parts of InfiniBand, the high-speed input/output standard.

AT&T Mulls Cable

A year after deciding to spin off its broadband unit, AT&T is considering other options — including merging the cable operation with AOL Time Warners. AT&Ts board reportedly spent last weekend considering offers to either take over the nations largest cable company or invest in it so AT&T can complete the spin-off.

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