Handspring, Sprint Team Up

By Carmen Nobel  |  Posted 2002-03-18

Handspring Inc. on Tuesday will announce plans with Sprint PCS Group to develop a version of the Handspring Treo device that will run on Sprints next-generation wireless network.

Sprints network, which is due to launch nationwide in June, is based on CDMA (code division multiple access) technology. Current versions of the Treo support only the GSM (Global System for Mobility) network.

The new Treo will be co-branded and jointly marketed by Sprint and Handspring. The companies plan to sell the product initially through Sprints wireless distribution channels and on Handspring.com beginning this summer, said Handspring officials in Mountain View, Calif.

Treo combines a phone, pager and a personal digital assistant that runs the Palm OS. This week Handspring announced beta trials of a service, based on software from Visto Corp., that will enable wireless access to corporate e-mail.

Sprint plans to offer similar services for other corporate applications with the PCS Business Connection Personal Edition, which it currently supports on other Sprint handsets.

Pricing for the Sprint/Handspring Treo and the companion service will be announced when the product launches, officials said.

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