Intridea Takes Blogging App to Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2009-02-05

Intridea, a Web 2.0 development firm, has taken its enterprise blogging application,, mobile with native clients for Windows Mobile, the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry and Google Android.

Intridea, which focuses on agile development of Web applications using Ruby and Ruby on Rails, has delivered open-source native clients for several of the most popular mobile platforms on the market and an Adobe AIR desktop application for

Barg Upender, co-founder and senior partner at Intridea, said the company's new browser-independent desktop implementation of is built on the Adobe AIR platform. for the desktop lets users view their timelines, post status updates and receive real-time notifications of incoming updates on any platform using a simple, intuitive interface. The AIR-based application gives users compact, always-on, desktop access to, making it easier and faster to post and read updates while keeping other applications open for productivity and speed, Upender said.

However, Intridea also has introduced native mobile microblogging clients for several popular platforms, such that users can now have full-featured status update capabilities on the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android or Windows Mobile device to interact with co-workers anywhere, on any platform. The new mobile clients offer full functionality including status updates, viewing of the user's update stream and replies, private direct messaging and more, Upender said.

"With the introduction of the mobile applications, you can now get status anywhere at anytime," Upender told eWEEK. "Personally, I rely on my iPhone app to get status and provide feedback on all my projects.  This is great, we really do 'meet less and know more'" because of the new functionality, he said.

"Key to the adoption of any enterprise social business app is the ability to make it work in a way that supports our customers' business objectives and is consistent with their corporate culture," said David Naffis, senior partner and head of product development for Intridea. "Whether for insurance adjustment, mobile CRM or any other application, our customers recognize the value of real-time status updates for better communications and collaboration. By offering a multitude of mobile platform options, and open-sourcing each client, we're trying to give developers the freedom they need to deliver mobile microblogging for any conceivable application."

Upender said all of Intridea's native clients are open source and available on GitHub. "We hope that open-sourcing these applications will create a great foundation for building more cool functionality around I'm expecting to see some of's most innovative new features come from the community at large," said Naffis.

Intridea officials said its iPhone application is based on the open-sourced Natsulion Twitter iPhone application. It is available for free in the App Store on iTunes. On the Android platform, the application is based on the open-sourced Twitter application, TwitterDroid, which can be downloaded for free at the Android Marketplace. The BlackBerry application can be downloaded on Intridea's BlackBerry page. For users of other devices, Intridea offers a generic mobile Web version of Developers can also go to and end users can download the new clients at, the company said. 

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