Let There Be Wireless Access

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-07-30

Setting up an 802.11B wireless LAN on the go just got easier with the release of Xircoms Wireless Ethernet Access Point APWE1100.

Not much bigger than a deck of cards, the diminutive APWE1100 is just about the easiest access point to set up Ive run across. At a street price of $295, the APWE1100 is competitive with other 802.11b access points, but its small size, extensive administrative tools, adjustable antenna and excellent performance put it ahead of the pack.

Most of the pack, that is. The exception is Apples significantly larger 802.11b AirPort access point, priced at just $299, which includes a DHCP server and a 56K-bps modem.

More info about the Xircom access point can be accessed at www.xircom.com.

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