Mobile Phone Makes Task of Infusing Bluetooth Easy

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2002-01-28

Everyone seems to agree that itll take an infusion of Bluetooth-bearing mobile phones to shift the young cable replacement technology into high gear. So where are they?

The Ericsson Inc. T39m that we tested came from Europe. Configuring and using Bluetooth can be a complex task, but the T39m does a good job of shepherding the user through the process—a particularly impressive feat, considering the tiny amount of screen real estate available on a cell phone.

The regional wireless carrier Alltel Corp. currently sells the Bluetooth-capable Motorola Inc. Timeport 270c, but its not clear when the larger American carriers will fall in line. Until they do, the popularity of Bluetooth gear in general (and phone-centric Bluetooth products such as headsets in particular) will be slow to grow.

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