Overkill for Your Handheld?

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2001-05-14

It makes sense that hackers would go after data stored on handheld devices. Besides all the contact information, its likely that confidential business notes and a plethora of personal information are also stored in these devices.

However, judging by the number of "threats" screened during my tests of Symantecs AntiVirus 2001 for Palm OS—just three—it appears hackers are leaving the little guys alone for the moment.

Costing a hefty $39, Symantecs software uses a medium-size (in Palm terms) 50KB program to scan for viruses that may have come on board during synchronization or via an infrared transfer.

For now, IT managers are advised to forgo expensive anti-virus packages that protect relatively secure handheld devices.

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