Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Is Worth Buying: 10 Reasons Why

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-08-06

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Is Worth Buying: 10 Reasons Why

Samsung€™s Galaxy Note has always been a bit of an odd choice in the mobile market. The device isn€™t quite a smartphone, but isn€™t quite a tablet, either. It€™s a device that lives on its own in the middle of the smartphone and tablet space. And surprisingly, the device and its 5.3-inch screen have been celebrated as great options in the marketplace.

Now, Samsung is offering the 10.1-inch Galaxy Note to complement the smaller device. The Galaxy Note 10.1, like its predecessor, is designed to deliver more functionality than the typical tablet, and can appeal to both consumers and enterprise users. By all measures, the device is a fine alternative to, well, just about any other competing tablet out there, including Apple€™s iPad and the countless Ultrabooks on sale right now.

Don€™t believe it? Wondering why the Galaxy Note 10.1 is such a worthwhile investment?

Here are the reasons why.

1. The screen size is there

It feels like it€™s becoming a mantra, but screen size really does matter in the mobile market. Consumers are increasingly turning to larger displays in the smartphone space, and in tablets, devices with big screens reign supreme. The Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with a 10.1-inch screen to capitalize on that trend.

2. It€™s a tablet that does more

Although it€™s easy to just call the Galaxy Note 10.1 a tablet, the device€™s integrated stylus adds extra flair that consumers won€™t find elsewhere. The stylus is ideal for doodling, taking notes or just controlling the device a bit better.

3. Samsung, right?

When buying products in today€™s mobile space, finding mobile device makers that produce reliable products is extremely important. Apple is, of course, a trustworthy provider of mobile devices, but so is Samsung. Trust means everything to a company€™s success. And at least so far, Samsung products can be trusted.

4. It is a unique opportunity

The Galaxy Note 10.1 provides an innovative experience and an attractive alternative for potential customers. After all, the device can do far more than tablets or smartphones and complements the smaller Galaxy Note some folks already own.

Samsung Promises to Deliver 4G LTE Connectivity

5. It€™s all about quad-core

When Samsung first showed off the Galaxy Note 10.1 at Mobile World Congress in February, the company said that it would come with a dual-core processor. However, as more products add quad-core chips to their offerings, Samsung must do the same. By delivering a quad-core chip to the Galaxy Note 10.1, the device should offer state-of-the-art performance for the mobile market.

6. Mobile connectivity is there

A key ingredient in mobile device success is the ability to connect to the Web when away from a WiFi connection. Luckily, the Galaxy Note 10.1 comes with both WiFi and 3G connectivity, allowing users to surf the Internet wherever they want. Without that feature, the Galaxy Note 10.1 wouldn€™t be so worthy of your hard-earned cash.

7. 4G LTE is on the way

Furthermore, Samsung is promising that it will release a 4G LTE version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 later this year. It€™s not immediately clear when that device will launch, but when it does, it€™ll be worth acquiring.

8. Enterprise use is apparent

The value of the Galaxy Note 10.1 to enterprise users is obvious. Not only can the device double as a tablet, but thanks to its stylus, it can come in handy for employees that often travel to client offices. The Galaxy Note is perfect for jotting down thoughts, marking up documents and doing all kinds of things enterprise users need from a digital device.

9. What else is out there?

Those looking for something other than the iPad who might want a unique mobile experience will obviously find something to like in the Galaxy Note 10.1. But let€™s just say that they want to also look elsewhere. What else might they choose? Unfortunately, there is no Galaxy Note competitor that can fight Samsung€™s offering. And until that changes, it€™ll be hard to not want to buy this product.

10. Consumer appeal matters

Samsung realizes that its core audience with the Galaxy Note 10.1 is consumers. So, the company has included both front- and rear-facing cameras, full HD video support and access to Samsung€™s music and gaming hubs. In other words, it€™ll appeal nicely to consumers looking for a break from Apple€™s iPad.

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