Samsung Smartphone, Tablet Success: 10 Reasons Why They Are So Popular

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-07-26

Samsung Smartphone, Tablet Success: 10 Reasons Why They Are So Popular

NEWS ANALYSIS: Samsung€™s mobile products, particularly the company€™s smartphones and tablets, have become wildly popular. But what is it about Samsung€™s products that made them the most popular mobile products in terms of sheer numbers in the world?

In the world of smartphones and tablets, there are really only two companies performing all that well: Apple and Samsung. Apple€™s success is easy to understand, since the company has long been able to deliver to consumers products that they can buy with confidence. 

Samsung€™s success, however, hasn€™t been so cut and dry, and some wonder why the company€™s mobile devices have become so popular. Believe it or not, it€™s not so difficult to determine Samsung€™s secret.  

For years now, Samsung has stuck to smart strategies and a desire to deliver high-quality, reliable products. As a result, its quarterly smartphone shipments have dwarfed even the mighty Apple€™s. Samsung€™s tablet sales have turned many other Android-based devices into also-rans. It€™s fascinating to witness. And it underscores the two-horse race that has developed in the mobile market today. 

But why is Samsung, and not another company, taking on Apple for command of the mobile market? Read on to find out. 

1.  Design matters 

Samsung was smart enough to realize from the beginning that in order to be successful in the mobile market, it would need to match Apple on design. The company€™s Galaxy S III, which is extremely thin and comes with a large display, proves that it knows what it€™s doing. Consumers can recognize the quality, and that€™s why Samsung sales are so stratospheric. 

2.  There€™s something to be said for Apple hatred 

Although Apple€™s fans are legion, the company has just as many detractors that are looking for any alternative that takes the fight to the iPhone maker. Samsung has done just that with its smartphones and tablets and has even taken on Apple in court over patents. Samsung has won some of those court battles and lost some. Those fights have helped Samsung immensely because they have shown it is prepared to defend its product designs and can€™t be driven from the market by mere patent disputes. 

3.  Large displays 

Apple has clung to the same screen sizes in its iPhones and iPads €“ 3.5 inches and 9.7 inches, respectively €“ since they were released. Samsung, meanwhile, has continued to take advantage by delivering larger screens. The company€™s Galaxy Tab comes with as big as a 10.1-inch screen. The latest Galaxy S III comes with a massive 4.8-inch display. That matters to consumers and enterprise users alike. 

4.  An eye on value 

Although Samsung€™s products aren€™t the cheapest on the market, the company has been able to show real value in its products. For as little as $200 for a smartphone, consumers are getting a device that can match an iPhone at the same price point. But like Apple, it has shown that it can charge a bit more for a high-quality product. If that weren€™t the case, Samsung simply wouldn€™t be as successful today. 

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5.  Proper branding 

After seeing how Apple succeeded in the mobile market, Samsung realized that in order to follow suit, it would need to properly brand its smartphones and tablets. So, it established €œGalaxy€ as a consistent brand for high-quality devices. It worked. And now, its branding is synonymous with quality. 

6.  A trusted name goes a long way 

Samsung shows that it€™s impossible to overestimate the value of a trusted company name. Because Samsung offers trustworthy products in a host of other industries, including appliances and televisions, consumers are more likely to trust its smartphones and tablets. That worked out well for the company. 

7.  Google helps 

Google has been a staunch Samsung supporter over the years because it is delivering some of the top Android-based devices on the market. The Galaxy Nexus, for example, is a Samsung product. And like the Galaxy S III, it€™s viewed as one of the top options on the market. Google and Samsung have a nice marriage. 

8.  Carriers help, too 

If carriers are concerned about anything, it€™s giving Apple too much power. They reason that the more power Apple has, the less they will have. So, to stave off that risk, they also promote Apple€™s competitors. Over the last several months, much of that promotion has gone to Samsung, helping to sustain its market growth. 

9.  A single success goes a long way 

Samsung was fortunate that its first launches in the smartphone and tablet markets were successful. That success helped the company continue its growth over time. The fact is that consumers tend to be creatures of habit. If they like a product from a company, chances are they€™ll buy the next one that the company introduces. That factor has helped Samsung's success as much as it has Apple. 

10.   What else is out there? 

Looking around the Android space, it€™s hard to find that many top quality smartphones and tablets. In the phone market, the HTC One X might be a standout and the recently launched Nexus 7 has seen some early success in tablets. But beyond that, it€™s hard to find anything that even comes close to matching Samsung€™s mobile line.

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