Enterprise Mobility: Verizon iPhone Apps For Music, Gaming, Productivity

By Nicholas Kolakowski  |  Posted 2011-01-19

Verizon iPhone Apps For Music, Gaming, Productivity

by Nicholas Kolakowski

Verizon iPhone Apps For Music, Gaming, Productivity

NAME: Angry Birds
COST: 99 cents

One of the more popular mobile games involves using a slingshot to hurl virtual birds at virtual green pigs. For some strange reason, its not nearly as weird as it sounds. Also available in a free "Lite" version.

NAME: Angry Birds<br />COST: 99 cents

NAME: Facebook
COST: Free

This free app offers streamlined access to the worlds largest social network.

NAME: Facebook<br />COST: Free

NAME: Skype
COST: Free

Skypes recent acquisitions will likely bolster the companys video-conferencing offerings, making it more of a competitor to Apples FaceTime. That aside, this app allows users to make Skype-to-Skype calls and send messages.

NAME: Skype<br />COST: Free

NAME: The Weather Channel
COST: Free

This app offers full-screen maps, extended forecasts, weather alerts, and everything else you cant learn simply by peeking your head out the window.

NAME: The Weather Channel<br />COST: Free

NAME: eBay Mobile
COST: Free

Time spent on the move can also be time used to bid on that antique or useless piece of bric-a-brac.

NAME: eBay Mobile<br />COST: Free

NAME: Groupon
COST: Free

Deals on local businesses.

NAME: Groupon<br />COST: Free

NAME: Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite
COST: $9.99

This app allows light editing of Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, along with the ability to manage and transfer files via WiFi.

NAME: Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite<br />COST: $9.99

NAME: Pandora Radio
COST: Free

Streaming music to your iPhone, based on "stations" created by entering the names of favored artists or songs.

NAME: Pandora Radio<br />COST: Free

NAME: Twitter
COST: Free

For some people, owning a smartphone is just an excuse to tweet about anything, anywhere, anytime.

NAME: Twitter<br />COST: Free

NAME: Yelp
COST: Free

An app for finding out whats local—and how its been reviewed.

NAME: Yelp<br />COST: Free

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