New MacBooks, Improved iCloud, iOS Apps Would be Cheered

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-05-29

WWDC 2012: 10 Goodies Sure to Draw Apple Fan Cheers

Apple on May 29 published the schedule for the 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference, which will run June 11-15. Since Apple stopped sponsoring the Macworld show, the WWDC has become the most closely watched Apple event of the year because it is always the venue for at least one big announcement.

The big question, of course, is just what might Apple actually show off at the event? There is some speculation that the new iPhone could be announced and it€™s a safe bet Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be on display.

As usual, Apple hasn€™t tipped its hand about what it has planned for the conference. Instead, the company has only announced that there will be a keynote address hosted on June 11 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time at the Moscone West Convention Center that, if history is to be any guide, will be headlined by Apple chief executive Tim Cook. Other than that, expect WWDC 2012 to be home to a bunch of surprises and maybe even some disappointments. Still, there€™s a lot to look forward to at Apple€™s WWDC 2012.

Here€™s what you can expect to find at Apple€™s event next month:

1. Mountain Lion Galore

Apple is planning to spend the majority of its time at WWDC 2012 talking about Mac OS X Mountain Lion. And why not? It€™s the operating system that will go head-to-head with Windows 8, and arguably has the best security of any version of the software yet. It seems like an easy choice.

2. An iPhone 5?

It€™s hard to say right now when Apple might unveil the new iPhone. Some reports say that Apple will show off the device at the Worldwide Developers Conference, while others say it€™ll wait until the fall to do so. At the very least, we€™ll know one way or the other at the WWDC keynote.

3. iOS 6

It€™s more likely that Apple€™s will talk about iOS 6, which is perhaps even more keenly anticipated than a new generation iPhone. The operating system will likely come with better security, an improved default interface, and some other additions that should make it a sizable jump over its predecessor, iOS 5.

4. An improved Siri

Apple€™s Siri platform is currently in beta. However, it€™s sometimes too slow and it€™s been having trouble arriving at the correct answer. It would make sense that WWDC would be the best venue for Apple to introduce a new and improved Siri that is ready to make the transition from beta to full production and deliver far greater value to users.

New MacBooks, Improved iCloud, iOS Apps Would be Cheered

5. New MacBooks?

Apple€™s MacBook line is now well on its way to becoming some of the top computers in the marketplace. However, the company hasn€™t released any new MacBooks this year so far. Is there a possibility that Apple will show off new models at WWDC? After all, it seems like the perfect place, considering Mountain Lion will be on display.

6. An eye on the Apple TV

According to rumors, Apple is planning to launch a television at some point in the next several months. The issue, though, is that Apple has never confirmed it€™s actually developing or launching a television, let alone said when it might come out. Although it€™s unlikely that Apple will actually show off a television at WWDC, there is a chance it might hint at its future plans with the device. Keep a close eye on that.

7. New and improved iOS apps

One of the nice things about WWDC since it is a developers conference is that Apple has the chance to show off new applications and other software features not found elsewhere. At this year€™s conference, expect the iPhone maker to impress developers and fans alike with some new and improved iOS apps.

8. iCloud improvements

Apple€™s iCloud platform is just plain nice. The offering allows users to synchronize content across multiple devices. As Apple itself acknowledged, iCloud was very much a work in progress when it first arrived last year. Here€™s hoping Apple will talk about some improvements to that work in progress at WWDC.

9. Some iTunes love

Over the last several years, Apple, for the most part, hasn€™t made major improvement to iTunes. Instead, the company has been content to leave it alone and continue to generate serious cash from it. In the future, however, it would be nice to see Apple give the platform a much-needed refresh and show why it€™s still the central hub of its entertainment offerings. WWDC seems like the perfect place for Apple to do just that.

10. Apple€™s gloating

Finally, we can all but expect Apple to use its platform at WWDC to gloat about its successes over the last several months since it last spoke before the media, customers and partners. Apple CEO Tim Cook will undoubtedly talk about his company€™s strong sales, app downloads and a host of other figures designed to make the Cupertino-based company look great and all others look bad.

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