White iPhone 4: 10 Reasons Apple Should Kill It

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2010-10-27

White iPhone 4: 10 Reasons Apple Should Kill It

Apple announced recently that it has officially delayed its white iPhone 4 until next spring, due to more manufacturing challenges that it didn't anticipate when it first announced the device earlier this year. At this point, few are surprised by the delay. Originally, the white smartphone was supposed to be made available in July. It was then pushed back to sometime this year. Another delay is nothing new. 

But by delaying the white iPhone 4 until next year, Apple is causing some critics to wonder why the device is even worth pursuing. Apple might not want the white phone to give it a black eye, but if it's having such trouble getting the device produced properly, it shouldn't waste its time. Apple is a major company with tons of cash. If that isn't enough to save the white iPhone, why should it continue to try? 

So, give up on the white iPhone 4, Apple. It's the smart move right now and here's why:

1. It isn't necessary 

Let's face it, the white iPhone 4 is a neat-looking smartphone, but it's not really necessary. The black version of the device is doing just fine, and considering that the delayed smartphone only offers a color change, it's hard to see why many folks would even care if Apple didn't produce it. If Apple was, in fact, performing poorly at retail with its iPhone, the company might be able to make a case for pursuing the white version-but, as we all know, the iPhone is doing just fine without it. 

2. It's obviously hard to manufacture 

There comes a point at which it's simply not worth pursuing a product when it becomes too difficult to manufacture. It seems that, thus far, Apple has hit that point with the white iPhone 4. The company has had nothing but "challenges" trying to build this smartphone model. And chances are that Steve Jobs has been stewing over these issues. Apple has reached that point: The best course of action now is to simply cut its losses and acknowledge that the device is too difficult develop. 

3. Wait for the next iPhone 

If Apple definitely wants to offer a white iPhone, maybe the company should consider waiting until next year when it releases an update to the iPhone 4. At that point, the time crunch will be gone, and customers will have a new perspective on securing a white iPhone. What's more, it would preserve Steve Jobs' desire to never admit when he's wrong about something. 

4. Most have gone to the black version 

Even though some folks are still holding out hope for a white iPhone 4, the vast majority of customers have happily opted for the black version of the device. They've reasoned that waiting for the white model just isn't worth it, and attempting to gauge when Apple will finally get around to releasing one is more trouble than it's worth. Realizing that, maybe it's time that Apple follows suit and ditches any hope of getting the white smartphone to store shelves. 

White iPhone Delays Giving Apple a Black Eye


5. Verizon is more important 

Getting an iPhone up and running on Verizon's network is far more important than worrying about the white iPhone 4. Granted, Apple can probably work on releasing a Verizon model and getting the white iPhone 4 to the market at the same time, but given the challenges the company is facing, maybe it's time to focus on the most important things first. That is undoubtedly delivering an ample supply of iPhone units to Verizon store shelves. 

6. The delays give Apple a black eye 

Although Apple might believe that discontinuing the white iPhone 4 before it even hits store shelves would be a black eye, the real black eye comes from delaying it so many times. Such delays will make customers think twice about the device. And it makes some critics wonder if Apple's heralded manufacturing practices are actually as good as the company says they are. Simply put, discontinuing the white iPhone 4 isn't nearly as bad as delaying it time and again. 

7. Does color really matter that much? 

In the end, why does Apple care so much about the color of the iPhone? Yes, it might be an opportunity for the company to sell the product to a few more customers, but it's hard to believe that color is the real differentiator in a buying decision. The black version is just fine. Until the manufacturing kinks can be worked out, Apple shouldn't worry about a white version of its smartphone. 

8. It's a chance to admit a mistake 

It might go against what Steve Jobs is all about, but if Apple finally drops all talk a white iPhone 4, the company can show a new, apologetic face. One of the biggest complaints customers have about Apple is that it's loath to admit when it's wrong. But the lack of a white iPhone 4 is the perfect opportunity to do just that. It might not make investors happy over the short-term, but it will give Apple the opportunity to prove that it really does care what the market thinks about its never-say-die attitude. 

9. The market doesn't necessarily care 

At the same time, an apology coul be ignonred by the market because few customers really care all that much. Sure, there are still some who can't wait to get their hands on the white iPhone 4, but for the vast majority of customers, it's simply a color difference, no more, no less. If consumers don't care, why should Apple? 

10. Apple is doing well without it 

Inevitably, Apple is judged by how successful it is at turning a profit. And, so far, the company has been wildly successful at that. In fact, it has posted unprecedented revenue and profits over the past couple years. And all that success has come without the help of the white iPhone 4. Maybe it's time Apple realizes that and stops paying so much attention to the white iPhone 4. Would it have been nice to offer a white iPhone? Sure. But is it really affecting Apple's bottom line? Not a chance. 

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