Legacy Version of iOS

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-07-18

iOS 6 Set for Fall Debut: 10 Reasons to Upgrade Sooner Rather Than Later

Apple€™s iOS 6 operating system is launching in the fall. When it€™s finally released on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, the operating system will deliver more than 200 features, according to Apple. Among them is a promise of better security, Facebook integration and an improved email.  

By nearly all measures, and according to those who have used the operating system so far, the update is an important one€”and something that consumers and enterprise users should be excited about. 

Realizing that, it won€™t make too much sense to not upgrade to iOS 6. Yes, iOS 5 works well and it€™s undoubtedly appealing or else folks wouldn€™t be using it, but Apple has a knack for making its latest updates awfully appealing. And for the vast majority of consumers and enterprise users, not upgrading to the new operating system would be a downright mistake. 

Wondering why? Read on to find out why everyone should upgrade to iOS 6 this fall when it€™s released. 

1. Expect enhanced security

One of the nice things about Apple€™s iOS updates is that they typically come with enhanced security. In this case, that means iOS 6 will do a better job of keeping your data out of the hands of cyber-criminals. Better security is always a good reason to upgrade. 

2. Facebook integration for the social junkies 

When Apple launched iOS 5, it included Twitter integration across its many applications. Now, though, Apple has offered up Facebook integration across iOS 6. What that means is users will be able to check in on Contacts and send out updates to their Timeline, all from within the built-in applications in iOS 6. 

3. Siri for the iPad 

When Apple launched the new iPad, the market hoped that it would work with Siri. However, the company€™s slate only delivered voice dictation. In iOS 6, however, Siri support is coming. If that€™s not a good enough reason to update the iPad with iOS 6, what is? 

4. An all-new Maps 

Apple has decided to ditch Google Maps in favor of its own mobile mapping solution. Simply dubbed Maps, the application comes with full 3D integration and some awfully nice visuals most users would like. Will it be better than Google Maps? Who knows? But it€™s worth finding out. 

Legacy Version of iOS


5. Better Phone controls 

One of the more interesting additions to the iOS 6 phone features is the ability to do more when a call is received. Aside from turning the sound off or sending someone to voicemail, users will be able to decline the call and receive a reminder to call someone back at a later time or decline a call and send a message back to the person. It€™s a nice addition for busy people. 

6. Passbook could come in handy 

Passbook could be one of the most useful additions to iOS 6 yet. Think of the new application as a location-based travel book, that lets users access tickets, alerts when they€™re close to a store where they have discount coupons or an entertainment venue where they have a pass to get in, and more. Passbook has a lot of potential. 

7. Over time, it€™ll be what developers expect 

For the time being, those who stick with iOS 5 won€™t have any trouble using the applications they have now. But over time, as Apple all but forces users to go to iOS 6 and then next year, iOS 7, iOS 5 users will have no choice but to upgrade. Legacy support is not so great in the iOS ecosystem. 

8. FaceTime over cellular 

FaceTime€™s biggest limitation right now is that it can only be used over WiFi. In iOS 6, Apple will allow users to place video calls over cellular networks. However, those who use the software should know that data charges may apply. 

9. VIP list is huge 

For those folks who send a lot of emails, but have a difficult time delineating which recipients are more important than others, Apple has announced a new feature, called VIP list. Built into Mail, the feature will help users keep all of the messages from the most important people in their lives away from the rest. Expect it to be a productivity marvel. 

10. Get acquainted before you buy the new iPhone 

If anything is certain about the rest of the year, it€™s that Apple will be launching a new iPhone. More importantly, it€™ll be running iOS 6. When the device will launch is unknown at this point. But what is clear is that it€™s an opportunity for Apple fans to get to know the operating system before the device launches. After all, you€™ll need a new iPhone eventually, right? And when you buy that device, you won€™t be running iOS 5. 

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