iOS 6 Upgrade: 10 Factors to Consider Before Hitting the Download Button

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-09-19

iOS 6 Upgrade: 10 Factors to Consider Before Hitting the Download Button

It's official: Apple's iOS 6 became generally available at 1 p.m. on Sept. 19. With its release, many Apple users are wasting no time in downloading the latest version of the company's mobile operating system.

And why not? Apple's operating system comes with more than 200 improvements, including a better Siri and Passbook, and offers the best security yet. For consumers and enterprise users alike, it looks to be a great option.

However, not everyone will jump at the chance to download iOS 6 right after its release. The corporate world, especially, is loath to switch to new operating systems before thoroughly testing them. Despite many consumers abiding love for the platform, not all iPhone owners want to disrupt their existing mobile device configuration for something new. To some folks, they'll get around to iOS 6 when they have the time or when they really need to.

There are factors that will likely convince many individual and companies not to rush into upgrading to OS 6. The following factors might also help them keep in mind the many things they should do before they decide to upgrade to Apple's latest operating system.

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1. Google Maps is gone

Before upgrading to iOS 6, remember that Google Maps won't be available any longer. Instead, Apple has replaced the application with its own alternative, Maps. Those who rely heavily on Google Maps might want to stick with iOS 5. Or, if they definitely need to download iOS 6, they should download Google Maps from the Apple's App Store.

2. YouTube is gone, too

If that's not enough, Apple has also eliminated YouTube from the operating system. Now, users that want to watch YouTube videos will either need to go to the browser to watch clips or download the application from the App Store. This factor is enough to convince may users to stick with iOS 5.

3. Backup, backup, backup

Those who are definitely going to upgrade to iOS 6 should be sure to back up your current iOS configuration first. Although most updates are painless, there are always cases where the device is bricked or stops working and requires a restore. Having the latest backup available is vastly important.

4. Be sure to upgrade iTunes

Apple has offered up iTunes version 10.7 for iOS 6 downloaders. Although the update will be made available over-the-air, users will still need to have iTunes 10.7 installed. Keep that in mind before jumping into the great beyond with iOS 6.

Enterprises Must Test iOS 6 Before Implementing It

5. Get the apps ready

One of the most important things to do before updating to iOS 6 is make sure all applications are up-to-date. Although the updates can be completed after the operating system is downloaded, making sure the system is fully configured and ready to go before iOS 6 is added is always a good practice.

6. Be sure the purchases are safe

After buying all kinds of music, movies and apps, the worst thing that could happen is they aren't backed up and lost. Nowadays, it's simple enough to get all of that back by sifting through Apple's servers to see what was purchased, but who wants to deal with that? Make sure purchases are backed up before downloading iOS 6.

7. Check out iCloud

Apple's iCloud is becoming an increasingly important component in the iOS experience. The platform synchronizes content across multiple platforms, ensures that apps are all available and keeps music downloads in order, to name just a few important tasks. But sometimes, iCloud can get messed up. When moving to iOS 6, having iCloud in disarray is a real problem. Don't forget to check iCloud before jumping to iOS 6.

8. For enterprise users, test, test, test

In the corporate world, testing new operating systems before they're deployed across employee products is an absolute necessity. iOS 6 shouldn't be treated any differently. All IT staff should be ready to test iOS 6 before it's authorized for use to access corporate apps or data.

9. Consider the device you're running

Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 will take full advantage of all the features available in iOS 6. The same is true for the iPhone 4S. However, those who own the iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS will miss out on several updates, including the improved Siri, turn-by-turn GPS features and even Panorama. Owners of those devices will need to determine if they want a fully functional iOS 5 or a hobbled iOS 6.

10. Decide if it's really necessary

When it comes time to download iOS 6, users should take a second and determine if it's really necessary. Sure, it comes with a few improvements, but as with any new operating system, there's a good chance that iOS 6 will go through some growing pains and updates before everything runs smoothly. Sometimes, it's better to wait things out and see what happens. After all, there's nothing wrong with upgrading after an update or two is released. In fact, as Windows users know all too well, sometimes, it's the best move.

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