iPhone 5 Design of Our Dreams: 10 Improvements We'd Love to See

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2012-08-03

iPhone 5 Design of Our Dreams: 10 Improvements We'd Love to See

Apple€™s iPhone 5 is reportedly launching in September. This means today€™s consumers have only about a month to wait until they can finally see what the company has planned for the future of its smartphone. Over the last several months, the public has been inundated with rumors and speculation on what the next iPhone might deliver. Will it have a bigger screen? Will near-field communication make its way to the handset? Should we expect a new design?

As one might expect, Apple has stayed tight-lipped on the eventual launch of its smartphone, giving no clues whatsoever on what the device might offer. But that shouldn€™t stop would-be buyers or technology enthusiasts from speculating on the product and offering up their own wish lists for the handset. That€™s part of the fun surrounding iPhone launches.

Read on to find out what we€™d love to see in the iPhone 5. If Apple delivers all of these features, it can go a long way in impressing even the most ardent Apple haters.

1. That bigger display

According to most reports surrounding Apple€™s iPhone 5, the device will come with a 4-inch display. Apple€™s current iPhones have 3.5-inch screens. Although Apple hasn€™t confirmed it, the chances of the company delivering a 4-inch display in the iPhone 5 seem awfully high.

2. NFC

From this point on, consumers and enterprise users can expect to see near-field communication make its way to Android-based handsets. They can€™t expect the same from Apple€™s iPhones. In the iPhone 5, Apple can change that and finally offer near-field communication and all of the benefits that go with it.

3. Same price

Apple has historically kept its latest iPhones at the same price as its predecessors. The company must do the same with the iPhone 5. At $199 with a two-year contract, the iPhone is perfectly priced. And Apple should do everything it can to maintain that price level with carriers.

4. iOS 6, of course

It wouldn€™t be the iPhone 5 unless Apple offers iOS 6 in the device. After all, iOS 6 is the latest mobile operating system from the company and should be bundled in its best mobile hardware, right?

Its Time to Offer the A6 Processor

5. 4G LTE

With the sheer number of smartphones launching nowadays with 4G LTE networking, it would only make sense for Apple to deliver the same connectivity option. In mobile wireless, 4G LTE is the future. And everyone knows it.

6. A new look and feel

The iPhone design is getting a little old. It made its debut a couple of years ago with the launch of the iPhone 4 and persisted until now through the iPhone 4S. Apple should launch a new design with the iPhone 5 and show that it€™s not content to simply maintain status quo and collect its profits each quarter.

7. That smaller Dock connector port

According to several reports, Apple will be launching a smaller Dock connector port in the next iPhone. The port would deliver 19 pins, as compared to the 30-pin variety Apple is using now. That might annoy some accessories owners, but that smaller port should offer more functionality over time. Better yet, it€™ll save Apple precious space in its mobile devices. It€™s a win-win.

8. A continued desire to deliver mobility

One of the key aspects of Apple€™s iPhone success over the years has been its willingness to make its device as mobile as possible. The iPhone is thin, not too long, and fits perfectly in a pocket. As Apple finalizes its latest design, it should be sure to continue to offer the high-quality mobility everyone has come to expect from the firm.

9. Bring on the A6 processor

When Apple announced the new iPad, many hoped that it would unveil the A6 processor. Instead, it delivered the A5X processor in the device. Speculation abounds that the next iPhone will come with the quad-core A6 processor. One can only hope.

10. Wireless charging

Apple has slowly but surely started the process of going entirely wireless with its many products. Rather than hook up the iPhone to a computer to update it, for example, wireless updates are available. However, Apple has yet to cut the cord in one very important place: wireless charging. It€™s about time Apple delivers wireless charging to the iPhone ecosystem. And the best way to do that is to deliver it in the iPhone 5.

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