Printers Aint a Box of Nails

By M. David Stone  |  Posted 2007-10-02

Printers—both single function and multifunction printers—are sometimes accused of having reached generic status.

The truth is, theyre far from it.

A box of nails is generic. Theres not much chance of telling one brand from another or finding one with better features. And if you found one, how would you know?

Printers each offer their own constellation of features. And for any model, its not hard to think of other features youd like to add.

Broadly speaking, the AWOL features fall into three categories. Most are available on some printers, but should be far more common. Some are available on most printers, but inexplicably missing from a few. And some are good ideas that we havent seen in any real products yet.

The following come from a little of each, but all of which, should see a greater representation in the next class of printers just hitting the drawing board.

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