Dial G for Murder

By Paul F. Roberts  |  Posted 2005-11-21

Google is useful for all kinds of things—finding Web pages, getting driving directions, even doing math. Now add murder to that list. According to a published report from television station WRAL in North Carolina, investigators looking into the 2-year-old murder of Janine Sutphen said that the prime suspect in the murder, Sutphens husband, Robert Petrick, used Google to search for terms such as "neck," "snap" and "break," in the weeks before his wife died.

The evidence was collected from computers seized from Petricks home and shows that Petrick also used Google to collect information on the levels of local lakes, water currents and boat ramps four days before he reported his wife missing in January 2003. Sutphens body was eventually found floating in a Raleigh lake.

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