Google, Microsoft Settle Dispute Over Employee

By Peter Galli  |  Posted 2006-01-09

Some five months after Google announced plans to open a product R&D center in China and appoint former Microsoft Vice President Kai-Fu Lee to head the operation, the parties have settled the matter. In a brief statement released late last month, Microsoft spokesperson Jack Evans said the parties resolved their issues.

Evans declined to give details on the agreement, saying the terms are confidential and that all parties agreed to make no other statements to the media regarding it.

However, Evans did say Microsoft is "pleased with the terms of our settlement with Google and Dr. Lee."

David Drummond, Googles vice president of corporate development and its general counsel, would only say that while the trial date is set for Jan. 9 between Google, Kai-Fu Lee and Microsoft regarding the one-year noncompete period, "the parties have entered into a private agreement that resolves all issues to their mutual satisfaction."

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