Just What You Wanted

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2001-04-09

Im not sure what the word "Oingo" means, but the unique namesake search technology from Oingo Inc. can figure out the meaning of pretty much anything else.

Most standard search engines simply index text and metatags from Web pages, and queries of these engines will return any pages that contain the same words, meaning that someone looking for information on Java development tools may also get pages on coffee vendors.

Instead of using straight indexing, Oingo relies on a million-word ontology that deduces the actual meaning of a query, so that someone searching for a Java tool kit will find information about development tools rather than a store that sells coffee and hardware. Oingo builds this ontology through massive scans of the Web and manual edits done by linguists.

Oingo technology has been used by domain name registrars to help customers find names with similar meanings if their preference is already taken. The technology is being used to drive banner ads and is available as a standard search engine. Oingo is also working to make its ontology work across languages, with support for Spanish already available.

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