Katt Considers Clintons Leftovers

By Spencer F. Katt  |  Posted 2001-01-22

El gato was amused when he heard that the National Archives and Records Administration was in a quandary over how to store the millions of electronic files produced by the departing Clinton administration. The Maryland-based archive is apparently better-suited to dealing with old filing cabinets than figuring out how to store the electronic documents, which include more than 40 million e-mail messages that the White House produced over the past eight years. "It would probably take IBMs Deep Blue just to store all of Clintons blue material alone," cackled the Kitty.

A Katt crony alerted the Furball to a rumor that Borland/Inprise will release its Delphi-for-Linux development tool, called Kylix, on Jan. 31 at LinuxWorld Expo in New York. This rumor is possibly responsible for the 35 percent bump in the companys stock recently. (As of this week, Inprise will be known as Borland Software Corp., and its NASDAQ ticker symbol will change from INPR to BORL.) The product supposedly will allow the port of hundreds, if not thousands, of Delphi Windows desktop applications to Linux.

The Furry One was curious when he heard that Google.com, his Hirsuteness favorite search engine, had decided to drop its affiliate program. The effort, which offered 3 cents per search to sites that carried a Google search box, seemed promising when it was initially launched. A spokeswoman for the company said the program was shelved to allow Google to focus on its search services, licensing and profitability.

A little birdie tells the Puss that any similarity between the new iTunes MP3 player for the Macintosh and SoundJam may not be a coincidence. During a recent Macworld Expo demo of Apples iTunes, the Katt crony mentioned to a booth person how similar the menus were to SoundJam. "Well, considering I wrote SoundJam, it should," replied the rep. This would lend credibility to a rumor the Kitty has followed on all the Mac rumor sites that Apple acquired or licensed parts of Casady & Greenes SoundJam MP product.

"One things for sure," griped the Grimalkin. "Anyone who currently buys an iMac wont be able to burn CDs using iTunes without buying an external CD burner."

Apple is said to be releasing machines with an internal disk burner in the near future. "Mmm, maybe thats why theyve shaved $200 more off of the iMac DVD Special Editions price," laughed the Lynx, "to clear the warehouse for the next big thing."

Perhaps the funniest dot-com name Spencer has heard in a while turned up in a recent press release from Protocol Driven Healthcare as it touted its new interactive Web site, www. mybladder.com. "I always thought in e-biz that content, not incontinence, was king," mused the Mouser.

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