In-Your-Face Security Check

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2001-02-12

Although Dialog Communication Systems warns that the need to memorize a flood of passwords and PINs is overwhelming end users, the same might be said of biometric security devices and IT managers.

At least Dialogs BioID Soho 1.0, available as a trial download from www., uses regular PC video and sound equipment to authenticate users based on a combination of voice, lip and facial recognition. The product worked well, although I had initial setup difficulties, including making sure I was in an area with enough light.

This will likely make a decent authentication system for IT managers who need to make sure that employees working at home or in remote offices are the only people accessing a protected computer. As with most other biometric products, BioID Soho 1.0 is still difficult to manage from a central location. This must be improved before it will be useful to most enterprises.

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