Net Sites Help Survivors, Families Reunite

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-09-11

New survivor sites are springing up to help those caught in todays terrorist attacks to signal family members that they are alive.

A site at gives users the opportunity to input their names and a short message and offers a search engine to those looking for loved ones.

Another site at has already posted hundreds of messages from survivors of the attacks and concerned bystanders.

Pat Hardy of Long Island posted: "Made it out. Im alive and well."

Steve Azueta of Manhattan wrote: "I was supposed to be at work on 9th street, but was running late. Im safe at home with my wife and 6 yr old."

Another poster, Ann Lewis of Bronx, NY, wrote: "Im fine and hubbys ok. Glad I was laid off. I would have been right in the middle of it."

And a waggish Jonathan Bennett wrote: "I heard Sharon called Bush and told him to show some restraint. "

Many others offered condolences from around the world.

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