eFiles: January 29, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-01-29

A Buyers Market? Think Again

Sure, dot-coms are folding left and right, but that doesnt mean youll be able to scoop up the best and the brightest IT managers without paying top dollar. According to the 2001 IT Salary Survey conducted by Janco Associates Inc., in Park City, Utah, IT salaries have continued to rise, with CIOs making as much as $351,863 per year at large corporations, up 18 percent from last year. The average salary for CIOs at midsize companies rose 19 percent, to $272,410.

Salaries for midlevel and staff IT positions have also grown dramatically during the last year, with an average 21 percent increase for employees of large companies and a 49 percent increase for midlevel employees of midsize companies, according to the Janco survey.

Securing Experts Costs a Bundle, Too

As denial-of-service attacks and successful cracker exploits increase, corporations are also continuing to pay top dollar for security experts. In an annual survey of more than 7,000 security experts by the SANS Institute, in Bethesda, Md., respondents averaged $65,424 last year, an increase of 11.5 percent from 1999.

The survey also found that security consultants and auditors continue to make more than security, system and network administrators. Security consultants saw their salaries increase 13 percent, to $79,395, last year. Network administrators were compensated with an average salary of $58,399, an 11.7 percent pay hike.

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