Call for More Conferencing

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2001-03-19


HearMe, a licenser of VOIP technology in Mountain View, Calif., will release an updated voice-over-IP platform that allows carriers to extend existing services to include new functions such as instant conferencing, click-to-call, presence detection and find-me services.

VoiceServer lets providers develop applications using Web-based tools, speeding the process of new-service deployment. Third-party developers with little telephony experience can create their own tailor-made applications.

HearMe also launched a turnkey product for VOIP conferencing. ConferenceCreator provides greater control for the user as well as enhanced functions. Users can set up and participate in conferences from a traditional phone, a wireless phone, an IP phone or a PC. Participants can dial out to instantly bring new participants into the conference. Eliminating the conference operator saves time and money.

ConferenceCreator is scheduled for commercial availability next quarter. HearMe applications are sold as a bundle and licensed at $600 per port, plus an annual maintenance fee.

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