TeleSym Deploys SIP Gateway, Intel HMP Media Server

By Ellen Muraskin  |  Posted 2004-10-18
TeleSym, a developer of enterprise gateway and client VOIP software that makes Pocket PCs and laptops into clear-sounding Wi-Fi phones, has announced the first deployment of its recently updated SymPhone system.

Ecuity Inc., a 17-year-old telephone company headquartered in Bellevue, Wash., will deploy the newly updated system. SymPhone already forms the Wi-Fi part of Ecuitys VOIP and virtual PBX offerings.

The customer win gives TeleSym another chance to talk up infrastructure improvements, announced last June at Supercomm, that address SIP interoperability and price.

TeleSym has added a separate, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)-based gateway component to its system and has incorporated Intel NetStructure HMP (Host Media Processing) software into its Call Connector SIP/H.323 gateway and SIP gateway.

TeleSyms own VOIP protocol is neither the first popular VOIP H.323 nor the ascendant SIP. To overcome some of the obstacles particular to public Wi-Fi environments, TeleSyms designers came up with their own packetizing solution, which handles up to 400 ms of jitter and up to 50 percent packet loss without losing the call.

In recognition of the great growth of SIP-based IP endpoints, however, TeleSym has added an SIP gateway to interoperate with these devices.

Intels HMP technology is, in part, the long-awaited outcome of the chip makers Dialogic acquisition. It takes a lot of the voice processing power and function supplied on Dialogics DSP boards and imbeds it in software running on processor chips.

This more pool-able resource–sold by Intel to platform makers on a per-port basis—ultimately brings down the price of media servers and functions, of which VOIP gatewaying is a notable example.

By the same token, HMP "allows us to scale up on the infrastructure side," said Mike Houston, vice president of marketing at TeleSym. TeleSyms Call Connector, using HMP, is also a PBX gateway that links mobile, SymPhone Pocket PC users at Wi-Fi sites with their home-office brethren on traditional PBX extensions. It not only lets Pocket PC-packers call the office, it lets them gateway from the office PBX to the outside world.

The on-prem Call Connector also can gateway between legacy PBX and IP phones on the corporate LAN. Using HMP in its Call Connector (which also can gateway using H.323 protocol), TeleSym can support as many as 120 channels of VOIP in one chassis.

RSAs digital certificate management also has been added to the Symphone system over the past year, in response to customer demands for securing and authenticating voice users over the wireless LAN.

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