Hyperformix Eases Virtualization Capacity Planning

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2009-05-05

Hyperformix wants to make it easier for businesses to plan out their virtual environments.

Hyperformix is making enhancements to its Capacity Manager and Data Manager offerings that are designed to not only enable enterprises to more effectively map out the performance and capacity needs of their virtualization initiatives, but also to budget for the IT support that will be needed, find ways to reduce costs and extend the value of their current infrastructure.

"Our customers look to us to help them accurately plan and communicate what it will take to support business services in IT, and where cost-saving opportunities exist," Bruce Milne, vice president of products and marketing for Hyperformix, said in a statement.

Capacity Manager 4.0 and Data Manager 3.1, announced May 5, can automatically identify underutilized virtual machines and systems that can be safely consolidated, according to Hyperformix officials.

The software also offers automated dashboards and reporting capabilities that enable IT administrators to more easily convey complex data to business users and identify cost-saving opportunities through the collection of data on such areas as hardware costs and power consumption.

In addition, the software products support virtualization technology from such vendors as VMware, Microsoft, Citrix Systems, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, as well as modeling hardware, operating systems and other components.

Hyperformix also offers solutions kits designed to help IT administrators and business users figure out such issues as server consolidation and application upgrades.

The software can be downloaded immediately here.

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