VMware Adds 20 New Features to Fusion 3 Windows-on-Mac Package

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 2010-05-27

VMware on May 26 announced that it has upgraded its popular Fusion virtualization package, which enables Mac users to run the Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems and their applications in a virtual machine on the desktop.

The downloadable update for current Fusion 3 customers, Fusion 3.1,  boasts improved 3D graphics, a new USB "easy connect" and 18 other new features.

Key highlights of the new release, according to VMware, include: faster application launching, more seamless scrolling, and quicker resume from "suspend;" improved 3D graphics (with Windows Aero) performance; OpenGL 2.1 support for Windows Vista and Windows 7; and USB EasyConnect, which makes it easier to assign a USB device to a virtual machine or a Mac and remembers the preference.

Fusion 3.1 is also supported by Autodesk for AutoCAD 2011, VMware said. The v3.1 update also features support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard's Dock Expose, which makes Windows apps have the look and feel of  Mac apps, VMware said.

Fusion 3.1 also adds support for 8-way SMP and an increased virtual hard disk size from 950 GB to 2 TB, VMware said. Advanced users get more performance out of the Mac Pro and Xserve from Apple, the company said.

Availability and pricing

VMware Fusion 3 users can automatically download the free update to VMware Fusion 3.1 via the built-in software update feature. Users who wish to upgrade from previous versions of VMware Fusion may do so at this site for $39.99.

For new users, VMware Fusion is available at this site, the Apple Online Store. Apple retail stores, Amazon.com, and authorized resellers. The suggested retail price of $79.99 includes all of the software needed to switch from a PC to a Mac, VMware said..

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