BehaviorTracking Keeps Fine Tabs

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2004-03-22

Most Web users would probably agree that few Web sites take site search capabilities seriously. And if sites arent working hard to make sure their search is accurate and helpful, they probably arent doing anything to leverage the valuable product and customer information that can come from a search.

However, if your company takes searching seriously or would like to start improving and leveraging searches more effectively, you may want to look at BehaviorTracking 5.1 from Mondosoft. BehaviorTracking 5.1, which starts at $19,000, is a server-based application that can analyze visitor search queries and results as well as help companies fine-tune their searches and see customers interest patterns based on what they search for and which results they choose.

Although many search servers offer some form of query and results tracking, BehaviorTracking 5.1, which shipped in January, goes well beyond these options, providing very useful analysis of search trends and of how search results are used.

Mondosoft offers a search server product, but BehaviorTracking can work with any search product. To integrate it, I simply added a snippet of code to my results page that made a logging call to a BehaviorTracking ISAPI program, which logged all the search behavior.

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