Bugopolis Takes on Bugzilla

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2003-10-22
Bugopolis LLC, maker of open source developer tools solutions, Wednesday announced Bugzilla Now!, its new defect-tracking solution for open-source tools users.

Bugzilla Now! is based on the Bugzilla defect tracking software created by Mozilla.org. Bugzilla Now! brings the Bugzilla software immediately to bear on users systems and enables automatic software updates via a Web browser, the company said.

Bugopolis officials said the new solution is ideal for organizations that have shied away from open source software because of the time, expense and expertise required to maintain it.

However, Jim Walters, co-founder of the Seattle-based Bugopolis, said Bugzilla Now! eliminates those concerns with its defect-tracking and automatic update features. Although it could take an engineer up to two weeks to get Mozilla.orgs Bugzilla working effectively for an enterprises needs, Bugzilla Now! is ready to run immediately and provides a fast, easy way to use Bugzilla, Walters said.

Bugzilla Now! enables individual developers or developer teams to use an integrated defect-tracking system, Walters said. The open source Bugzilla software organizes the defect-tracking process and features a centralized system for entering and assigning defects, and tracking their progress. It features reporting, inter-bug-dependency graphing, security, and integration with the open source Concurrent Versions System (CVS).

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