Despite a Downturn, One Dot-com Arena Is Growing

By Ed Farrell  |  Posted 2001-02-12

With the current dot-com shakeout, many online businesses may be unaware that the e-recruitment industry is actually growing. In fact, Forrester Research reports the online recruitment industry will be worth $7.1 billion by 2004. A partnership with an e-recruitment ASP can be an easy way for online businesses to help produce new revenue streams and differentiate site content cost-effectively.

Visitors will be more likely to return to a Web site that provides effective candidate and employer-search capabilities in addition to other online services. This increase in site traffic produces higher advertising revenue.

Online businesses can offer their customers e-recruitment services easily and affordably without the problems and expenses involved in creating a site in-house. However, it is important to research the solutions available before signing an agreement with a large, cumbersome partner. ASPs now are creating complete solutions to fit specific business needs that include comprehensive matching and searching capabilities, easy registration tools, and performance measurement. Customer service, marketing team support and technical assistance also are available. To make the right affiliate choice, e-business professionals should check such issues as scalability, experience, network exposure, deployment time, security and e-recruitment capabilities. Numerous services and price ranges are available with sites ready for deployment in a matter of days.

By purchasing licensing rights, e-business professionals can create and control new revenue streams by charging for employer profiles, job postings, subscriptions for candidate database searching and other service packages. Those solutions can be turned around in a short period of time, which can yield a quick ROI.

Online business leaders can feel confident using an e-recruitment ASP to help increase a sites traffic and profits. With a little research, its possible to reap the rewards now available in the e-recruitment marketplace.

Ed Farrell is VP and co-founder of in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He can be reached at

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