Firefox Plug-In Protects Privacy

By Paul F. Roberts  |  Posted 2005-05-09

A new tool bar for the Mozilla Foundations fashionable Firefox open-source Web browser can protect Web surfers from hidden online threats and help them cover their Internet tracks, according to Anonymizer, a Web security software company.

Anonymizer Total Privacy Suite, which sells for $59.95, unites in one product three of the companys programs: Anonymous Surfing, Anti-Spyware and Digital Shredder.

Anonymous Surfing creates an encrypted path between Firefox and the Internet that prevents snooping by outsiders.

Anti-Spyware can disinfect machines by finding and removing spyware, adware, browser hacks and other unwanted programs, and Digital Shredder can erase cookies, cached files and Web surfing history records generated by browsing.

"Although Firefox is generally considered a secure browser, users are still extremely vulnerable to identity theft," said Lee Itztaki, director of product management at Anonymizer.

Still a distant second in the Web browser market behind Microsofts Internet Explorer, Mozillas Firefox has gained momentum and a loyal following.

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