FormArtist Eases Creation, Deployment

By Michael Caton  |  Posted 2003-11-24

Companies looking for a simple-to-use tool for building Web forms will find Quask FormArtist 3.0 a good choice.

Available since last month, FormArtist comes in $49 Presto, $199 Standard and $899 Professional versions. FormArtist Professional did a good job of simplifying the creation and deployment of forms in my tests. The Standard version offers data management capabilities, including exports and statistical reporting. The Professional version supports Act, GoldMine and MS-CRM and has broader export capabilities and some developer options.

Using FormArtist, business users can do most of the groundwork with minimal Web designer intervention. Conversely, Web designers can create and deploy forms quickly. I could create forms from scratch or use a fairly broad template library and could deploy them on the Web server and then get access to results fairly quickly.

FormArtist has tools for cleaning up data, defining mailing lists and managing form deployment. Forms must be deployed on servers running on Microsoft Internet Information Services and any Unix PHP server.

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