Opera 6.0 Eases Surfing

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2001-12-31

With Opera 6.0, Opera Software now offers what is in many ways the best browser on the market. Opera 6.0 is easily the most configurable browser Ive seen, offering options for privacy, security, pop-up management, system look and feel, and even how complex the interface itself will be.

Opera 6.0 offers several new features intended to make Web browsing much easier. With the hotclick feature, I could double-click on a word or phrase and carry out searches, translate it, or do standard cut-and-paste tasks. Other new features in Opera 6.0 are support for Unicode character sets that enable international language support and support for LiveConnect for Java applications. Opera can also now import settings from Microsoft Outlook Express accounts into the Opera mail client.

Opera can be downloaded at www.opera.com. It is free or $39 for a version without an integrated ad bar.

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