Soapscope 3.0 Expands Analysis

By Peter Coffee  |  Posted 2004-01-05

Filling a genuine gap in the space of Web services tools, Mindreefs Soapscope 3.0 offers developers expanded facilities for analyzing Web service structure, function and behavior.

Soapscope, whose 3.0 upgrade became available this week, at an annual subscription fee of $99, offers multiple views of WSDL documents, ranging from raw XML to a far more concise pseudocode format. Version 3.0 provides highlighted displays of differences between current and previously cached WSDL to aid in diagnosing client-side problems caused by code updates at the other end of the wire.

WSDL documents conformance with interoperability profiles can quickly be confirmed, with heuristic rules built in to the product also detecting probable errors in technically valid code. Dynamic performance tests and displays round out this capable tool kit, available for online purchase or trial download at

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