WS-I Delivers Basic Profile 1.0 Testing Tools

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2004-03-18

WS-I Delivers Basic Profile 1.0 Testing Tools

The Web Services Interoperability Organization has released its testing tools for measuring Web services interoperability with the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0.

At its WS-I Spring Committee Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, the WS-I Wednesday released final versions of its tools, which consist of the Web Service Communication Monitor and the Web Service Profile Analyzer.

The Web Service Communication Monitor scans Web services and holds them for the Web Service Profile Analyzer to analyze them. The Analyzer tests the messages and checks the description and registration artifacts of each Web service, WS-I officials said. These artifacts include WSDL (Web Services Description Language) documents and XML schema files.

Rob Cheng, senior product manager for Web services and emerging standards at Oracle Corp. and a WS-I spokesman, said the tests are available for Java and .Net and are implemented in both C# and Java. The Analyzer features more than 300 test cases, and each test case includes between 50 and 90 tests.

The release of the testing tools "finishes our 1.0 deliverables," Cheng said.

Moreover, "the tools may be the most important thing weve delivered so far," Cheng said, "because WS-Is goal was not to produce words on paper but to actually help developers deliver interoperable Web services. This demonstrates how WS-I is different from other standards groups. We are focusing on delivering real specifications and real code people can use."

Cheng said that although some vendors already have testing tools for the WS-I Basic Profile, "we hope tool vendors will add this to their toolsets."

Some already have.

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Hollis, N.H.-based Mindreef Inc. Thursday announced it has simplified WS-I Basic Profile testing by enabling users to run the new WS-I testing tools through Mindreefs SOAPscope 3.0 and generate a WS-I Basic Profile Conformance report.

Jim Moskun, co-founder of Mindreef, said: "We have invested a lot of energy into interoperability testing over the last three years and feel that we have the best interoperability testing solution incorporated into SOAPscope. We have developed our own proprietary technology for interoperability testing but also integrate the WS-I testing tools into SOAPscope, greatly increasing the usability of these tools."

Moskun said the WS-I tools are designed around a batch process "that is best suited for a testing phase of development. SOAPscopes analysis tool, which includes an independent implementation of all the tests covered by the Basic Profile and more, is designed to work in all phases of the application lifecycle including development, testing and production. SOAPscopes Analyzer provides more specific details about the problems it finds than the WS-I tools, along with an interactive user interface that highlights where the problem occurs, and suggests possible solutions."

Meanwhile, Parasoft Corp., of Monrovia, Calif., announced that its SOAPtest 2.5 now has extended capabilities to include the WS-I Basic Profile testing tools. Parasoft officials said SOAPtest 2.5 checks SOAP and WSDL traffic for compliance with the WS-I Basic Profile.

Parasoft helped to create the WS-I testing tools as a member of the WS-I Testing Tools Working Group, the company said.

Cheng said use of the tools is optional and compliance is self-validated, as the WS-I is not a certifying body. However, the WS-I recommends that users use the test tools before claiming compliance.

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