Microsofts Origami Rollout and More

By eweek  |  Posted 2006-03-10
The eWEEK Podcast this week brings the latest news, reviews and analysis from Stan Gibson, Jason Brooks, Peter Coffee and Spencer F. Katt.

News headlines include: Origami rollout is the talk of CeBIT; Is ATT creating a new duopoly?; and A kinder, gentler IBM welcomes partners at PartnerWorld this week

The eWEEK Labs report: Jim Rapoza reviews two Web application security solutions

Commentary: Peter Coffee notes that Intel is positioning itself as a higher-level source of reference designs and foundation products that make computing and information resources more convenient in everyday lives.

Spencer F. Katt has his top five reasons why you can trust Googles new "infinite" online storage service.

This is eWEEK Podcast #41.

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