Sharepoint Guide Handy—For Novices

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2005-05-23

The SharePoint Services capability in Windows Server 2003 makes it possible for companies to quickly and inexpensively build a very capable collaborative portal to manage groups and projects.

But as someone who runs a portal site on top of SharePoint Services, Ive been regularly looking for a book or guide that would provide advanced, behind-the-scenes tips and tricks to help me fully leverage and customize my portal site.

Unfortunately, "SharePoint Users Guide" from OReilly Media isnt that book. But thats not to say the book isnt useful.

I found "SharePoint Users Guide" to be in many ways an expanded and more detailed version of the manual and help files already included with SharePoint. For businesses just starting with a SharePoint Services portal site, "SharePoint Users Guide" will help them get up and running effectively and will help them avoid many of the common early pitfalls of running a SharePoint Services portal.

However, more experienced portal administrators will find little in the 160-page guide that they didnt already know. This means that those of us looking for more advanced help will have to keep on digging and going through trial and error on our own.

For more information on the $14.95 "SharePoint Users Guide," go to

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