XP Desktops Get a Brand-New Look

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2002-08-05

When Microsoft launched Windows XP, a theming system for controlling Windows look and feel was a line item in XPs Whats New summaries. However, with a mere three themes, the feature left much to be desired compared with interface style options provided by other operating systems.

Enter Stardocks $30 Skin Studio XP, which lets users create and apply a variety of user interface themes to computers. It consists of WindowBlinds, the application that applies XP themes, and Skin Studio, software that lets users create themes.

In tests, Skin Studio let me easily change the appearance of an XP-based desktop, and changes were applied universally to the programs running on the Labs WindowBlinds-equipped systems.

Check out www.stardock.com for more info.

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