10 Things the Technology Industry Needs to Hear in the John McCain-Barack Obama Presidential Debates

By John Hazard  |  Posted 2008-09-26

We wrote this nearly a year ago, but on the eve of the first debate (albeit one on foreign policy and unlikely to touch on business policy), it's worth reminding tech advocates what we need to hear from John McCain and Barack Obama.

  • Launch a massive retraining program for IT workers

  • Create incentives to hire older IT workers

  • Work out a reasonable visa program

  • Create an energy policy for data centers

  • Create incentives for the adoption of unified communications

  • Drive the adoption of videoconferencing

  • Clear up the Sarbanes-Oxley mess

  • Drive a health care IT reform act

  • Create a mandate for data portability

  • Learn to actually use the Web
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