Developers: Free Trip to Interview in Boulder

By Donald Sears  |  Posted 2008-09-25

Mork calling Orson... Come in, Orson.

I may date myself with this reference, but here goes... Haven't you always wanted to go to the town that Mork from Ork lived in? Ok, that is a silly Mork & Mindy (Robin Williams/Pam Dawber) TV show reference, I know, but that's about all I know about Boulder.

Apparently it's this technology mecca, or at least that's what 20 start ups are willing to tell you about the seemingly pretty Colorado town. They are willing to fly 100 developers for a free trip to interview for potential developer jobs, see the town and soak in the Rocky Mountain glory. It appears to be for 3 days, from October 27 through the 31st.

Here is some info, but check out the site for the whole enchilada. From the site:

Every one of our sponsoring companies is looking for really smart developers and engineers just like you, so they're contributing to a fund that we use to fly in up to 100 qualified candidates. We pay for your airfare, hotel and transportation. (We'll also make sure you don't starve while you're here.) You'll spend three days and two nights here in Boulder; one day will be spent checking out Boulder, another day will be spent meeting with all of the sponsoring companies, and yet another day will be spent following up with the companies you're most interested in.

Nah-New, Nah-New.

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