More Unemployed Workers Finding Work, Report Says

By Donald Sears  |  Posted 2010-04-29

Every few months the job site CareerBuilder puts out its findings on the employment picture. It says it is getting better for those who have been unemployed in the last year.

In its most recent survey of 900 individuals, 51 percent of those who lost a job in the last three months said they are working again either part time or full time. How many of the 900 surveyed were laid off in the last three months? CareerBuilder doesn't say.

What it does say is that all of the 900 were unemployed in the last 12 months. Of those in the three-month category, 61 percent took a pay cut, while 40 percent found comparable pay or higher pay.

Other key stats: -57 percent of workers surveyed in the last six months have gone back to work for former employers. -71 percent of workers who have not found jobs in the last six months would work for their former company. -22 percent of those who go back to their old companies would only do so for more money. -The majority of workers in the last six months who have gone back to work are in a new field (64 percent). -And most of them like their new jobs (55 percent).

The unfortunate thing about these statistics is that they are not broken down by industries or segments, so as far as tech jobs, there is little to report. As a quick snapshot of where the national pulse is on employment right now, however, it tells a story.

The unfortunate trend in a recession and post-recession is that over time, people need income--any income--coming in, hence the stats showing individuals working for less and changing fields altogether. Economic recovery for the average worker is a very slow and drawn-out process. This survey shows that pretty clearly.

What I will say is that technology jobs are volatile.

In March, the government reported a loss of nearly 6,000 jobs in the computer systems and design category (which covers many technology jobs, but certainly not all).

On the happier side of the equation, the big players of tech--Google, Cisco, Intel, HP, Oracle-- which are holding onto revenue or expanding their business are hiring. There is also, as reported, a whole lot of technology contract work out there, and companies want skills and they want them quickly.

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