ClearCube Brings On-Demand to Client Side

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2004-05-24
ClearCube Technology Inc., a pioneer in the PC blade field, is enhancing its management software with capabilities that offer IT administrators a simpler console and the ability to dynamically allocate blade resources.

"We are bringing on-demand computing over to the client side," said Amir Husain, chief software architect at the Austin, Texas, company.

The ability to bring together computers, operating systems and applications into a single pool of resources has been tackled on the server side of the fence, Husain said, adding that, "if you look at the client side of things, not much is going on there."

That will start changing Monday with the new additions to the ClearCube Management Suite, he said. New products within the software suite include Control Center, which enables IT administrators to use graphical scripts to remotely manage their PC blades.

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Using Control Center, administrators can deploy custom agents to single or multiple machines and can set monitoring and alerting levels.

Grid Center enables enterprises to manage virtual connections between I/Port users and the PC blades. The PC blades are centrally located in a data center, while ClearCubes I/Port connects the keyboard, mouse and display on a users desk to the blades via Ethernet. ClearCube also offers C/Port, which uses analog cable connectivity to link with the blades.

Grid Center enables users to improve resource utilization by dynamically allocating I/Port users and PC blades.

Other enhancements to the management software suite include integrating Blade Manager with Switch Manger for remote monitoring of temperatures, voltage and fan speed, management of fans and power supplies embedded in Switch Manager and improved disaster recovery and visualization in Data Failover.

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